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If there is an erratum in the newsletter, you will find the corrections here. Update will be faster here then in the next newsletter.

Edition of november 2005, vol.11, no 2 :

  • Page 4, lineage 2005-0041 Claude Charbonneau, should be : Claude Charbonneau married to Gladys Skomorowski

Edition of june 2006, vol.12, no 1 :

  • Page 2, A Word from the President : Text was not translated, here is the english version, sorry for this :
  • It is not easy to meet one another!
    Indeed, at the request of our membres, the association had organized a gathering in a bowling alley on May 27/2006.
    Unfortunately the activity had to be dancelled due to an insufficient numbre of participants
    We try, after all, to plan our general assembly by adding an activity that should please the majority of our membres.
    This will consist of a visit at the farm Nid’Otruche that belongs to Nicolas Charbonneau ref. to page 12.
    We wish with this bulletin to make an incursion at the Franco-Ontarian with references that can help them.
    On October 13, 14 and15/2006 the Charbonneau will be at the Show of the stem famillies at the Carrefour Laval ref. to page 11.
    Some years ago we had succeeded in gathering 80 of our members to a general assembly. We would be so happy to be able to renew this exploit. Now this is up to you to renew it and by the same occasion, this would be your way to say that you wish the association to go on...

    Gilles Charbonneau

Edition of june 2006, vol.12, no 1 :

  • Page 11, new members: Pierre Charbonneau, from Montreal, should be read as Pierrette Charbonneau










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